College Offering Online Doctorate Degrees

Earning Online Doctorate Degrees

For a person who enjoys the career they have chosen, and for the person who enjoys the journey to further their career the online doctorate degrees programs offers a way to climb as high as possible in their career without having to attend a physical university.

The online PhD degrees gives people the chance to soar to new levels in the career they immensely enjoy.

Whether you go for the doctorate or PhD degrees online, you become a member of an elite group.  You are a doctor of your chosen field or who can add the very prestigious “PhD” behind their name.

You can find online PhD degree programs on just about every areas of concentration you desire.  You can find schools that offers exclusive online doctorate degrees or physical universities that offers the virtual classroom.  Make sure the school you attend is an accredited school and the degree you receive, whether it is a doctorate or a PhD, is real and highly recognized worldwide.  You do not want to waste your time on a so-called school that hands out pieces of paper that means nothing.

Typically you cannot receive a higher education that in earning your doctorate or PhD, regardless of whether you earned it through programs that offers online doctorate degrees or in attending a physical university.  There are two different types of doctorate degrees.  One is a research doctorate, which means they put their focus on their own work, striving to contribute to the advancement in their field of study.  If you are aiming for a PhD in this, you must choose a topic so narrow and absolutely dissect it to discover the new advancements in your area.

The other type of doctorate and one in which you may attend an online doctorate degrees program is for the professional doctorate.  A professional doctorate renders a person a “doctor of” their chosen field.  An example of this is medical doctors.  However, there are varying degrees of doctorates.  For example, if you are an attorney and earn your doctorate, or a veterinarian, your education is academically equal to that of a Masters degree.  These doctorates are still prestigious, however not as prestigious as that of a medical doctor.

When you go for online doctorate degrees in order to carry the initials PhD, you are a doctor of philosophy.  This means you love to learn, thus the PhD.  In the Greek, a person who loves to learn is a lover of wisdom.  Ideally, the PhD takes you so deeply into your desired field, that your desire to learn more is satisfied and you are the academic leader to that field.  You are a type of professional student, once you earn the PhD you prove your love for learning and this sets you up to be an academic leader in your field.

The online doctorate degrees programs give you a number of different opportunities for your choice of career.  Read the fine print, because many times you cannot skip the proper schooling to advance to the next level in education.  In other words, you may need first to earn your Masters degree before you can try for the doctorate or PhD.  Each school has their own rules concerning this, so you may need to shop around for the school that best fits your circumstances.  A few schools will allow entrance into their doctorate program if you have your bachelors.  However, most will expect a Masters degree first.

It can take anywhere from two to eight years to complete a PhD or doctorate program, the time ultimately depends on how much work the student wishes to put into the program.